All the benefits of using single-dose salt tablets Perle di Sale! *
Perle di Sale, the single-dose salt tablets from the hyper-pured salt pans in Volterra, able to flavor any food in boiling water with the perfect amount of daily recommmended salt intake

The Salt from Volterra, the purest in Italy!

Discover the benefits of salt in our single-dose tablets Perle di Sale

Perle di Sale is a single-dose salt tablet that allows you to apply the right amount of salt in food in cooking water, without exceeding the recommended daily dose. Just a couple of salt tablets and a few minutes are enough: although the benefits of salt in pads are certainly not finished!

The single-dose salt tablet contributes to the reduction of health risks arising from an excessive consumption of salt: read more about the damages of salt on health.

Aiming to reduce the daily consumption of salt in our lives, various alternative salt products have spread on the market over the years, such as potassium salt or iodized salt. However, these do not meet the needs of consumers due to the considerable difference in taste, the rather high price and also fail to fully satisfy the need to reduce salt at the table. Perle di Sale is instead an innovative and economic system to reduce the excessive use of salt, remaining in line with the standards recommended by the Ministry of Health while at the same time giving flavor to cooked dishes.

Furthermore, the salt tablets are processed only with hyper-pure recrystallized salt from Volterra (NaCl minimum purity of 99.99%), exclusively Made in Italy.

A more healthy alternative in your everyday life

Perle di Sale is a product that is easy and quick to use, which avoids relying on a scale to measure the amount of salt: in fact it is only necessary to insert a salt tablet in 2 liters of boiling water, with an average time of dissolution of about 3-4 minutes, therefore optimal for pasta, rice and vegetables.
Find out more about the applications and the daily amount of salt to ingest thanks to Perle di Sale!

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