Perle di Sale: how to find the right daily amount of salt in a new way
Perle di Sale, the single-dose salt tablets from the hyper-pured salt pans in Volterra, able to flavor any food in boiling water with the perfect amount of daily recommmended salt intake

What is the right daily amount of salt?

All considered, how do we find the right daily amount of salt and how to adjust the intake?

It has never been so simple: decrease your daily dose of salt using our single-dose salt tablet! Perle di Sale allows you to adjust the amount of daily salt you use while cooking with only a handful of single-dose salt tablets, guaranteeing fast and efficient results and thus drastically reducing health and well-being risks.
Perle di Sale is a product that is easy and quick to use, without the need for any scales to perfectly measure the right amount of salt for your dishes during cooking: it is simply necessary to insert a salt tablet in 2 liters of cooking water in boiling phase (therefore ideal for pasta, rice and vegetables), with a dissolution time of about 3-4 minutes.

Your health is very precious and deserves to be safeguarded, just like a pearl: learn more about salt and its effects on health!

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